The Last Of Us is overrated?

So lately with the hype dying down a lot of people are yelling to the hills about how overrated The Last Of Us is. “Oh the cliched story, oh the AI, Oh the combat.” I’m going to go towards the no no no no no, this game deserves it’s 10/10 ratings. I say here is where we go into why.

1. Cliche Story

So this one appears in just about every argument ever for why this game isn’t 10/10. The cliched moments in the story are very few and far between, l and almost impossible to avoid. No story can get away with being completely original, especially those dealing with the apocalypse. It’s the way that those cliche moments are handled, which The Last Of Us handles it’s cliched moments beautifully. If the acting had been terrible along with these moments, then yes, I and any other gamer would cry foul, but the acting is consistently amazing. Which leads to…

2. The only good characters were Joel and Ellie

With this one I feel what there trying to say is the only characters you didn’t want to kill were Joel and Ellie, not that they were bad characters. It befuddles me that they could have only liked when there were other amazing likable characters like Tess. When you meet Bill you aren’t supposed to like him, nor are you supposed to like Marlene. Just because you didn’t like them doesn’t mean they were bad characters, unless they were written to be likable.

3. Repetitive/Boring gameplay.

I feel people who complain about this played it on easy or even normal, and just about any game you play when played on a low level gets repetitive. Now if you are talking about how the game gets easier during the later levels, it was supposed to happen that way. You were supposed to feel that you journey across the country made you stronger, you faced hundreds of infected by the point that the game gets easier, and if they were still as hard to kill as the time you first faced clickers then there is something wrong. The humans always stayed a challenge, unless I could stealth kill them all, which is rare.

4. Lack of enemy variety.

Now I’m not going to talk about how there are only 3 character models (supposedly) because I never noticed that. I’m going to talk about infected, which I will agree that they could have been expanded upon. Maybe maybe through mutations. I feel that this was deliberate for the reason stated above, to make you feel progression. Naughty Dog didn’t want you on your toes at all times, it wanted you to feel as if you were tired of the fighting, you just wanted to get where you were going and be done with it.

5. Bad AI.

The AI in this game is some of the best I have ever seen, at least enemy wise. The infected acted perfectly, and the humans would constantly try to outwit you by flanking, double teaming, etc, etc. Now what I will say about the human AI is that they have a call of duty FOV.

Spoilers ahead******* Skip past the bold text the see final thoughts.

6. The ending

A lot of people have cried foul over the ending of The Last Of Us, feeling cheated and wanting closure. They are mad the game leaves you with some ambiguity, and they don’t like that Joel selfishly took away the worlds last hope of a cure and quite possible killed the last surgeon in the world. But if you really let yourself be wrapped up in the games story, let yourself “Become Joel”, then you went through the whole last sequence muttering to yourself ‘not my baby girl, not again.’ They also don’t like that Joel lied to Ellie, which I had strong feeling on that too. But eventually I realized, Joel lied so Ellie wouldn’t run off back to the fireflies. I also love the fact they had the balls to leave the game ambiguous.


So I do not believe Last Of Us is overrated. I think the reason a lot of people say this game is overrated is because they think 10/10 means it’s perfect with no flaws. What 10/10 means is that it is a game that all other similar games will be compared to. It mean that it got a lot right and little wrong, that all those epic moments outweighed the few bugs. Bye guys.


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