Gta V, could it become the best selling game ever?

With all the hype surrounding Gta V, you would think it would be a resounding yes, but could the release of other games affect sales. Also, could Gta 4 affect sales. Finally, will the new consoles hurt sales?
I think we should start with the possibility that even though I personally liked Gta 4, there were a lot of people who didn’t, they thought that Gta 4 took itself too seriously. They also didn’t like that the driving had a high learning curve. Everyone hated the relationship mini games, along with the fact that the map was tiny. Now why we know that most of these wont appear in Gta 5, the average consumer does not.
We are in a time of great change in the video game market, with new consoles coming out and new ways to play games also coming out. So with the money people are going to have to save up to buy next gen consoles and accessories, will people buy Gta 5? It’s 60 dollars that could have gone to a ps4 or Xbox one. We know that a lot of people are impatient nowadays, so are consumers ready to wait a little longer to get a new console, or will the impatience help sales because they don’t want to wait for Gta?
Finally, with all these great games coming out, will Gta be the consumer choice. For those that can only get a few games a year, will they choose Gta over assassins creed? What about new ip’s, such as watch dogs.
All of these factors could affect sales, but I don’t think they will hurt too bad. Gta V is the most anticipated game of the year, it will be most people’s first buy. It will definitely be my first buy.


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