The sci fi game we need.

So I have recently been playting an android/ ios game called star trader, and it is amazing. But while playing it I always felt like it was missing something, like there was more I should be able to do. I kept thinking and thinking and that’s when I got it, I only have a few options on what to do. I mean there are alot of options, but why can’t I take over that planet, those motherfuckers looked at me wrong. Why can’t I blockade a port untill the peasants beg to be under my rule or offer me incentive to stop.

When you offer an open sci fi world such as star trader, you need to give me as many choices as possible, I want to be able to be king or work for a major corporation. There is a game coming out soon that I believe could fit the bill. That game of course is star citizen, “the first fully crowd funded triple A game.” I know that the fact this got over 12 million dollars that I’m not the only one to feel this way. It promises to be truly open, letting us do anything from founding our own star system to doing cargo transfers to being a pirate. It has the potential to be Eve without the super high learning curve, which would be awesome on so Many levels.

It should be obvious from how I am talking about this game that I’m excited for it, but I can’t let excitement get in the way of potential failures. The first and foremost would be they don’t deliver everything they promised, as star command did. The second would be that the learning curve was massive, which would turn off a lot of players right away. The final problem would be they make the minimum system requirements to hefty, with anything over the 660ti minimum is to high. I know that you may be thinking “There is no way that the minimum req would be that”, but their goal is to make pc’s sweat, so I don’t think I’m underhanding it.


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