Why you shouldn’t miss out on Saints Row IV.

So, there are a lot of exciting releases coming out in the coming months, but one that is often overlooked is Saints Row IV. While definitely not a GoTY contender, it may be a title you should pick up once the price drops. The biggest thing against Saints Row IV is how similar it looks to Saints Row The Third, which was almost universally disliked by gamers, though given fairly good reviews by critics.

So let’s dial it back to the ‘announcement’ of Saints Row IV. It was originally intended to be DLC for Saints Row The Third, but the devs stated that the DLC was becoming large enough to become it’s own game. This leads me into my biggest personal gripe, the fact their charging full retail for what essentially should be an expanadlone. I can almost guarantee you that if they decided to make this game $30 or even $40 that there would be much more excitement over SRIV.

Now this doesn’t mean protest the game, or even worse, pirate it, it means wait till the price drops to an acceptable price. While as aforementioned, a lot of people didn’t like SRTT, but this game does look like it changes enough to be interesting. I’m very excited about the wacky ways this game will take the super powers, so I will buy it the first steam sale it gets. Also, WE GET GAT BACK!!!


6 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t miss out on Saints Row IV.

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