Will Saints Row IV fail?

Before I begin I would like to issue an apology, I misleadingly titled my previous post, which I did get called out on. I would like to thank those who called me out, it shows that I have people who actually care about this blog. This will cover the topic I was supposed to cover last post.

So with all the big releases coming out these next couple of months, the odds of Saints Row IV Succeeding seem minimal at best. While the series has tried it’s best to drop it’s title as GTA clone, a majority of people still see it as just that and with the release of a new GTA just a few weeks after, many consumers will overlook this game. It also doesn’t help that the new consoles are coming out soon as well, people will be buying less games to save for the consoles. It also doesn’t help that…

…This game should be a piece of DLC. The devs working on Saints Row IV said the DLC became too big for a DLC, so they are making it into a full game. While I am a proponent of expandalones, I thinking releasing a DlC, no matter how large, as a full priced AAA game is shady. It also has to deal with the bad rap that Saints Row The Third has, since they look almost identical. The odds are stacked against this game, but…

…That does not mean it will utterly fail. While intial sales won’t be spectacular, as the price drops and steam sales go on, it will make money.


2 thoughts on “Will Saints Row IV fail?

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