A breakdown of high end builds.

     I have not told you guys yet but I have a very powerful PC rig. I’m running 3 evga superclocked Titans, a 3970x overclocked to 4.3GZ, 64 gigs of 2133hz ram, 2 terabytes ssd space, and 6 terabytes of hard drive space. If you know anything about PC’s you should know that this rig is EXTREMELY overpowered, but I am using my PC for more than just gaming. But what I want to delve into is how powerful of a PC do you need to play most current gen games at close or exactly max settings?

     I think I should kick it off saying that one of the biggest things you can do to get better frames is turning off anti-aliasing. It is supposed to smooth out the picture but once you hit full HD or HD+ anti- aliasing becomes less needed, and the average gamer won’t be able to detect the difference whether it’s on or off. Also, if you don’t want to blow 10’s of thousands of dollars on a rig like I did, keep you monitor 1080p.   

     Alright, let’s start at the top, my rig. I can run any game 60+ fps at max setting, and will be able to for a while. I would not recommend this rig to anyone who just games, it is extremely overpowered. The only reason my rig is so powerful is because I’m taking some video game design classes and having a powerful rig really helps.

      Let’s take the next step down, dual titans, 3930k and 32 gigs of whatever ram. This of course is still overpowered, but I would recommend it to gamers who have the cash to drop so they can future proof their system. It also is a good youtube setup, for those who wish to edit and render videos.

     I’m going to go down to the 780, *4770/3930k, and 16/32 gigs of ram. While still overpowered, this is a good system for gamers who can’t quite make a titan set-up. Honestly, I would rank the 780 over the titan for the minimal performance difference and the major price difference. Unless you are a pro gamer who needs the extra 10 frames to break into 120hz range, get the 780. Still overpowered, but we are getting closer to the sweet spot.

     Now to the smallest Nvidia high end build I would recommend, a 770, *4770, and 16 gigs of ram. This system will handle the toughest of games fairly well, and if you look for deals this is an extremely affordable build. It will get 60fps in most games, and for those that won’t, get a second 770.

     The only AMD build I would recommend is 7970, *intel 4770, and 16 gigs of ram. I am not an Nvidia fanboy but they have the better prices right now, along with more powerful cards. But, AMD is offering a lot of game deals so, I would recommend this to a gamer who wants to build a rig then save some money for a while.

(You could get cheaper CPU’s if you are tech savy enough to overclock.)


13 thoughts on “A breakdown of high end builds.

    1. styxthegamingtitan Post author

      I was trying to dumb it down so people with no knowledge could get some higher end builds. If you have actual points that prove I gave misinformation, or any kind of constructive critism, go ahead. But don’t waste my time with pointless “you suck lololololo.”

      1. lol

        where to begin…

        64GB of ram = retarded…. gaming wont use more then 4-6GB even with multitasking. and video editing wont see much any benefit from more then 16GB with multi tasking other applications for it… the only thing it would be useful for is running like a shit ton of VMs or running a server. And both things ideas with this pc are terrible…

        2133hz ram is pointless. intel cpus have no benefit from anything over ddr3-1600… so complete waste of money…

        2 terabytes ssd space. id love you to explain that one w/o sounding completely retarded…. games have almost no benefit what so ever from SSD… a 7200rpm hdd in raid0 will match game loading speed.
        For video editing 2TB will get eaten quickly… and you can still get 4 7200rpm hdd in raid0 (2 for source 2 for output) and it will be just as good…

        SSD are really only good for loading an OS and large programs and running high bandwidth servers… and for os/programs 128-256GB is WAY plenty…

        video editing on nvidia = retarded….. amd gpus DESTROY nvidia gpus in openCL… a single 7970 has higher flops in openCL with ALL 3 of your titans combined… Also amd is soon to be releasing the new 8000 series which is a die shrink and a huge performance increase, meaning it will likely surpass the gtx780 and tie or even beat the titan in gaming performance.
        and for gaming 3x titans is useless unless you are running a 4monitor display…

        idk why you would get a 3930K when the 4960X is being released in like a month… which would be the cpu for doing video editing and etc tasks.
        But for gaming the i7-4770K is way more then enough (tbh at this time an i5-4670K is enough but future games will start using 4+ threads, so the i7 will start to show slight improvements in speed over the i5 in gaming).
        and i wouldnt even recommend an i7 unless you are running like atleast 1 gtx780
        (also amd is releasing new steamroller cpus soon too, which may turn the tables on the gaming market)

        all your recommendations for gaming point to an i7-4770k, and 16GB+ of ram, which both arnt very good choices…. and a 7970 is worse then a gtx770 and costs more in gaming performance.

        “(You could get cheaper CPU’s if you are tech savy enough to overclock.)”
        that statement makes it clear you dont understand anything…
        overclocking isnt free performance, you usually have to spend MORE money if you want to overclock (as you need a good quality psu with enough spare 12v amps, a good case with good airflow, a good motherboard and a good aftermarket cpu cooler)

        so ya….

      2. styxthegamingtitan Post author

        Before I talk about the rest of your comment, commenting on my build doesn’t mean a thing, it’s MY personal build, which I use for multiple thing that don’t include gaming and I even said I don’t recommend my build at all to the average gamer.

        Okay, I’m going to start with all your, “Blah, Blah Blah is coming out later.”, comments, all of the parts I am recommending are for what we have now. I know that sounds stupid for future proofing, but I will update as parts come out.

        This is also a list of HIGH end builds, meaning we want as much power as possible for as long as possible and with the cheapness of RAM it is the easiest thing to keep in abundance. I also never told anyone what speed they should get, so again, if I wanted a purple dildo in my system no one should care because I don’t recommend you have a purple dildo in tour system. I also didn’t comment on hard drive space there after because that’s fitted to a persons needs, so refer to the sentence before.

        About the overclocking, yes it could be more expensive, but generally no. Good air cooling can be relatively cheap, being $36 for a hyper 212 evo. 1000w power supply’s are in the mid hundreds, which most people won’t need.

  1. lol

    ya you are pretty clueless…

    “Good air cooling can be relatively cheap”
    ok getting 4+ good case fans is cheap? At about $15-20/ea it adds up (98% of stock case fans are garbage)

    “hyper 212 evo”
    /facepalm… ya this shows you have no clue wtf you are doing

    “1000w power supply’s are in the mid hundreds”
    really, id love to see that one… what a rosewill or coolermaster psu? lawl
    a good 650W psu are around $120… a good $1000w psu is like $220+

    and ive still love this explanation on what it is you do that requires 2TB of SSD and 64GB of ram… ok youre not gaming, but what are you doing? id love to know, since i do alot of work on my computer and nothing requires anywhere near that much and i do everything from 3d modeling/animation, HD video editing, photo editing, audio editing, and compiling code.
    And dont even try and say “Future proofing” since by the time 2TB of SSD space and 64GB of ram becomes reliant in like 20 years, your pc wont even be able to do simple tasks… and not to mention by then sata III, pci-e 2.0/3.0 and DDR3 will be HEAVILY outdated…

    and also like i said video editing on 3 titans is the most retarded thing ive ever heard in my life…

    You are allowed to get anything you want, but you are posting like you are someone who knows what they are doing and trying to recommend things to other people. Which is why i posted my first comment, which you asked for an explanation to. And now you try and get all defensive like “err its my comp i can do what i want”

    you built your own computer… ok… you have the technical expertise of any 7yr old… you act like because you build a computer you actually have a clue about anything to do with computer hardware…

    but ya, anyway im done… i wont even bother coming back to read w/e dumb reply you try to give.

    1. styxthegamingtitan Post author

      It is my computer, I can do whatever I want with it. I did not tell anyone to get what I have. You also use getting defensive as a bad thing. It’s being offensive, like you are, that is bad. No one was ever yelled at for defending their opinion, only to those who defend their opinion then attack others.
      Your whole argument for why I know nothing was my build, again, me, not you. Have you ever used a hypermaster 12 evo, it is a good fan. A CPU FAN. Not case fans, which we shouldn’t include in the price talk, since there needed no matter what you have.


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