Is video games becoming easier a bad thing?

     So let’s be honest with ourselves, video games are becoming easier. The only reason old games were hard were to extend the lifespan of the game. We no longer are held back by hardware so developers don’t see a reason to make their game insanely hard any more. But with video games becoming easier, it alienates the older crowd. Could gaming becoming easier hurt the genre?

     So for those who don’t think gaming is becoming easier, remember super mario? Not the new reskin for the Wii U, I mean the good old classic game. Well Nintendo performed a study to see if the difficulty of their games were hurting sales, which involved having kids play the original Mario. %90 couldn’t beat the first level, and another %65 couldn’t understand basic concepts such as don’t walk into the mushroom thing, dying multiple time on the first Goomba. I for one think this shows the major decrease in common sense.

     So can easier games hurt the genre? Well to answer that question we need to see how the few games that are actually difficult are selling. Dark Souls sold 2.4 million, which isn’t bad at all, good enough to warrent a sequel. Now let’s compare that to say, Call of Duty, the billion dollar franchise. Now you could call the multiplayer challenging, but it’s not the devs making the game hard.

     Which leads me into, yes, this does hurt the industry. It encourages lazy level design and annoying tutorials. It isolates older gamers who loved the challenge of Nintendo games. I hope that the rumors that Dark Souls is easier are false, and I hope it sells amazing. This has been Styx, see ya later.


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