Let’s talk Phil Fish.

     So as everyone who is in to games knows, indie dev Phil Fish recently rage quit gaming. The straw that broke the camels back was when a person in gaming media basically called Fish an ass after not revealing details about the Xbox’s new indie policy’s, which mid you they could not legally talk about. I waited so long on this topic to see if he was going to come back in the immediate future, which he did not.

     Now a lot of people seem to think this guy is just an ass who couldn’t take the pressure of the industry, which he obviously couldn’t take the pressure. He was criticized and basically ridiculed for months, which is enough to make anyone snap. Also, even before this, with the whole internet calling him an ass and what not, it’s pretty easy to see why he quit.

     In all honesty, I think people would have felt for him if he didn’t leave in the douchiest way possible. What’s worse, he blamed the fans for him quitting. “Oh you guys know all that money you made me, it made me horridly depressed.” There is a reason people recommend you to act professionally.


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