Ps4 Vs Xbox One.

     I feel it is about time to take part in the console war.  Last console war it was pretty close, and in the end I think we can all agree in terms of sales it was a tie. But this generation it seems like their is going to be a definitive winner. I mean, the pre-order sales for the PS4 far exceed that of the Xbox One. I think that the PS4 is going to win for two big reasons:

 1. Bad Reputation

     It’s no secret that just about everyone hated the Xbox One reveal. It’s so bad that people have started a petition to bring the online features back so no one will buy the console. People literally want this console to fail, regardless of how many good games it has. The internet doesn’t forget, nor does it forgive. You screwed up, Microsoft.


     This is one that seems to be over looked a lot. We already know the NSA is monitoring windows, what the hell makes us think that the kinect won’t record information to the NSA. I’m not even going that deep into crazy land, why else would Microsoft shove a camera that everone hated down our throats. Also, IT COSTS AS MUCH AS THE SYSTEM ITSELF TO MAKE! Microsoft, what are you thinking.


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