Ps4 may not be able to record to external devices.

     Note: This is all based on speculation and rumor, there has yet to be official word.

     Everyone was excited about the new share button, right? I mean you could record gameplay straight from the console, albeit to a little known video sharing site. But it is no substitute to an external capture card. Apparently though, no one told Sony this.

     Now some people may not see this as a big problem, but this could effect anyone who watches or makes videos. It would all but kill the channel use of ps4 gameplay. It would up the price of marketing for it’s exclusive titles, losing the free advertisement of youtubers. It may not seem like a big deal, but there is a reason youtuber who are even as small as only a few thousand views get review copies of games.

     While this won’t directly effect PS4 sales, it could influence game prices. With the extra money that has to go to marketing, it could increase first party price or change the business model of games. It could include in game purchases with real money, even making it so items are harder to get. If those games sell well and make a profit, it could happen in every large game. It could get to the point where games raise in price AND have in game purchases.


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