Left 4 dead 3 confirmed?


So apparently Valve can count to 3 guys? While a Dota 2 player was wandering around he saw a current list of projects and decided to show the world that Valve does in fact have the mental ability of a 3 year old. It appears that instead of having left 4 dead 3 be the same game with new maps and mission, like left 4 dead 2 was, they changed the engine and hopefully added some new mechanics. Are you guys Excited about left 4 dead 3?

*Source 2 has also been confirmed but I have never played the original so no comment on this.*


Ps4 may not be able to record to external devices.

     Note: This is all based on speculation and rumor, there has yet to be official word.

     Everyone was excited about the new share button, right? I mean you could record gameplay straight from the console, albeit to a little known video sharing site. But it is no substitute to an external capture card. Apparently though, no one told Sony this.

     Now some people may not see this as a big problem, but this could effect anyone who watches or makes videos. It would all but kill the channel use of ps4 gameplay. It would up the price of marketing for it’s exclusive titles, losing the free advertisement of youtubers. It may not seem like a big deal, but there is a reason youtuber who are even as small as only a few thousand views get review copies of games.

     While this won’t directly effect PS4 sales, it could influence game prices. With the extra money that has to go to marketing, it could increase first party price or change the business model of games. It could include in game purchases with real money, even making it so items are harder to get. If those games sell well and make a profit, it could happen in every large game. It could get to the point where games raise in price AND have in game purchases.

AMD 12 core processor 6ghz rumor. Also, AMD 9590 rant.

*Note- The details of this article is based on rumor so take what is said with a grain of salt.*  


After the disastrous launch of AMD’s 9590, it seems like they once again are trying to get to the top of the processor market. With a leak of some cpu-z specs, it seems like AMD will steamrole through the competition. With horrible pun intended, if these facts prove to be true then it seems there will be a power shift in the market. 

     It looks like the core clock is going to kick off at 6ghz, which I hope won’t be a power hog like the 9590. It is supposedly going to have 12 cores. Also, it’s going to be 25nm. But should we be excited for this, or should we just pass it off as another failed processor by AMD.

     A lot of people, especially AMD fanboys, were expecting that the 9590 was going to be the new powerhouse. It was 5ghz stock speed! Intel wasn’t anywhere near this, at least that’s what we thought prior to release. With the first and biggest problem being the price.

     Launching at $800, what were you thing AMD? Also launching in a piece of crap box isn’t the best idea, if someone buys an expensive processor they expect good packaging. They let us down majorly with performance as well, still not touching intel. AMD, what your good at is budget processors, if you want to go high end give us good prices.

Here is the cpu-z picture:


Ps4 Vs Xbox One.

     I feel it is about time to take part in the console war.  Last console war it was pretty close, and in the end I think we can all agree in terms of sales it was a tie. But this generation it seems like their is going to be a definitive winner. I mean, the pre-order sales for the PS4 far exceed that of the Xbox One. I think that the PS4 is going to win for two big reasons:

 1. Bad Reputation

     It’s no secret that just about everyone hated the Xbox One reveal. It’s so bad that people have started a petition to bring the online features back so no one will buy the console. People literally want this console to fail, regardless of how many good games it has. The internet doesn’t forget, nor does it forgive. You screwed up, Microsoft.


     This is one that seems to be over looked a lot. We already know the NSA is monitoring windows, what the hell makes us think that the kinect won’t record information to the NSA. I’m not even going that deep into crazy land, why else would Microsoft shove a camera that everone hated down our throats. Also, IT COSTS AS MUCH AS THE SYSTEM ITSELF TO MAKE! Microsoft, what are you thinking.

Let’s talk Phil Fish.

     So as everyone who is in to games knows, indie dev Phil Fish recently rage quit gaming. The straw that broke the camels back was when a person in gaming media basically called Fish an ass after not revealing details about the Xbox’s new indie policy’s, which mid you they could not legally talk about. I waited so long on this topic to see if he was going to come back in the immediate future, which he did not.

     Now a lot of people seem to think this guy is just an ass who couldn’t take the pressure of the industry, which he obviously couldn’t take the pressure. He was criticized and basically ridiculed for months, which is enough to make anyone snap. Also, even before this, with the whole internet calling him an ass and what not, it’s pretty easy to see why he quit.

     In all honesty, I think people would have felt for him if he didn’t leave in the douchiest way possible. What’s worse, he blamed the fans for him quitting. “Oh you guys know all that money you made me, it made me horridly depressed.” There is a reason people recommend you to act professionally.

Is video games becoming easier a bad thing?

     So let’s be honest with ourselves, video games are becoming easier. The only reason old games were hard were to extend the lifespan of the game. We no longer are held back by hardware so developers don’t see a reason to make their game insanely hard any more. But with video games becoming easier, it alienates the older crowd. Could gaming becoming easier hurt the genre?

     So for those who don’t think gaming is becoming easier, remember super mario? Not the new reskin for the Wii U, I mean the good old classic game. Well Nintendo performed a study to see if the difficulty of their games were hurting sales, which involved having kids play the original Mario. %90 couldn’t beat the first level, and another %65 couldn’t understand basic concepts such as don’t walk into the mushroom thing, dying multiple time on the first Goomba. I for one think this shows the major decrease in common sense.

     So can easier games hurt the genre? Well to answer that question we need to see how the few games that are actually difficult are selling. Dark Souls sold 2.4 million, which isn’t bad at all, good enough to warrent a sequel. Now let’s compare that to say, Call of Duty, the billion dollar franchise. Now you could call the multiplayer challenging, but it’s not the devs making the game hard.

     Which leads me into, yes, this does hurt the industry. It encourages lazy level design and annoying tutorials. It isolates older gamers who loved the challenge of Nintendo games. I hope that the rumors that Dark Souls is easier are false, and I hope it sells amazing. This has been Styx, see ya later.