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Should you buy multiple GPU’s or a multi gpu card.

     So you are at newegg browsing through graphics cards, and you have to decide to get either 2 680’s or a 690. The 690 is basically 2 680’s put together, so the basic consensus would be that the 690 would be better to get. But is a 690 really the best choice…

Performance: (All are 1080p)


680 SLI-148.75 690-141.65


680 SLI-116.76 690-111.68

Crysis 2

680 SLI-97.60 690-97.40



680 sli-$980 690-$1000


Price to performance:

     As you all can easily see, the 680 sli outperformed the 690 in every game. Albeit with a Crysis being really close. Also, two 680’s are twenty dollars cheaper than a 690, so it would seem that the sli 680’s win this battle. Also, even though the 690 has more VRAM, it doesn’t help with higher resolutions.