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Late Night Tech: AMD to become better next gen. (Multi gpu main article tomorrow)

     So it is not unknown that AMD has been seriously lagging behind Intel, even with their 5ghz processor. The main problem being that AMD has been more focused on extra cores/ straight ghz clock speed. Intel has more power per core, but AMD just flat out has more cores.  This is a problem because games don’t use more than four cores, mainly because this gen never needed more than 3 cores, but this gen has 8 cores. Also, they run AMD processors, also helping AMD optimization.

     So for those who got that processor that said it has 12 cores because it’s bigger, well consider this your lucky day. While I’m not saying we are going to notice an immediate change, as the consoles life span goes on devs will have to make use of more and more cores. So for those who were just throwing AMD away, think twice. It seems more and more AMD is becoming the choice for future proofing.


Left 4 dead 3 confirmed?


So apparently Valve can count to 3 guys? While a Dota 2 player was wandering around he saw a current list of projects and decided to show the world that Valve does in fact have the mental ability of a 3 year old. It appears that instead of having left 4 dead 3 be the same game with new maps and mission, like left 4 dead 2 was, they changed the engine and hopefully added some new mechanics. Are you guys Excited about left 4 dead 3?

*Source 2 has also been confirmed but I have never played the original so no comment on this.*