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Late Night Tech: AMD to become better next gen. (Multi gpu main article tomorrow)

     So it is not unknown that AMD has been seriously lagging behind Intel, even with their 5ghz processor. The main problem being that AMD has been more focused on extra cores/ straight ghz clock speed. Intel has more power per core, but AMD just flat out has more cores.  This is a problem because games don’t use more than four cores, mainly because this gen never needed more than 3 cores, but this gen has 8 cores. Also, they run AMD processors, also helping AMD optimization.

     So for those who got that processor that said it has 12 cores because it’s bigger, well consider this your lucky day. While I’m not saying we are going to notice an immediate change, as the consoles life span goes on devs will have to make use of more and more cores. So for those who were just throwing AMD away, think twice. It seems more and more AMD is becoming the choice for future proofing.


Late night Tech talk: 780 vs. titan.

     So I have decided to start a new feature, whenever I can’t fall asleep I will talk about some on goings in the world of technology. There is no set structure, mostly because I won’t always do just comparisons. So without further ado, here is the first article of LNTT.

     We are comparing the two most powerful single gpu cards on the planet, the GTX TITAN and he GTX 780. Now while the TITAN is the more powerful card, the 780 comes surprisingly close. The greatest difference between the two never reaching over 10 fps. So, with the basics out of the way, let’s get into game specific performance and price point

Performance: *The processor is a 3770k* *Bench marks taken from http://www.tomshardware.com*

Battlefield 3: 780-63.52 TITAN-68.1

Bioshock Infinite: 780-59.22 TITAN-63.48

Crysis 3: 780-31.17 TITAN-32.88

Far cry 3: 780-38.29 TITAN-37.82

Tomb Raider: 780-44.66 TITAN-53.14



     Unsurprisingly, most games the TITAN won. The TITAN only way by very little FPS though. What is surprising is that in Far cry 3, the 780 BEAT the TITAN, showing that this card isn’t a pushover. But, the 780 only has one win, so

Winner is~TITAN





Winner: 780



     So here it is, the biggest part for those who can’t decide what to get. You guys have seen what the FPS differences were, and what the price difference is. It is obvious that there is no reason to buy a TITAN unless you find one extremely cheap. You are $350 for a 10 FPS difference. The cpu was probably bottlenecking the TITAN, but this also proves that if you wan’t to go with a cheaper cpu the 780 can work with them.

Winner: 780


Next late night tech talk: multiple gpu’s