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Should you buy multiple GPU’s or a multi gpu card.

     So you are at newegg browsing through graphics cards, and you have to decide to get either 2 680’s or a 690. The 690 is basically 2 680’s put together, so the basic consensus would be that the 690 would be better to get. But is a 690 really the best choice…

Performance: (All are 1080p)


680 SLI-148.75 690-141.65


680 SLI-116.76 690-111.68

Crysis 2

680 SLI-97.60 690-97.40



680 sli-$980 690-$1000


Price to performance:

     As you all can easily see, the 680 sli outperformed the 690 in every game. Albeit with a Crysis being really close. Also, two 680’s are twenty dollars cheaper than a 690, so it would seem that the sli 680’s win this battle. Also, even though the 690 has more VRAM, it doesn’t help with higher resolutions.


Late night Tech talk: 780 vs. titan.

     So I have decided to start a new feature, whenever I can’t fall asleep I will talk about some on goings in the world of technology. There is no set structure, mostly because I won’t always do just comparisons. So without further ado, here is the first article of LNTT.

     We are comparing the two most powerful single gpu cards on the planet, the GTX TITAN and he GTX 780. Now while the TITAN is the more powerful card, the 780 comes surprisingly close. The greatest difference between the two never reaching over 10 fps. So, with the basics out of the way, let’s get into game specific performance and price point

Performance: *The processor is a 3770k* *Bench marks taken from http://www.tomshardware.com*

Battlefield 3: 780-63.52 TITAN-68.1

Bioshock Infinite: 780-59.22 TITAN-63.48

Crysis 3: 780-31.17 TITAN-32.88

Far cry 3: 780-38.29 TITAN-37.82

Tomb Raider: 780-44.66 TITAN-53.14



     Unsurprisingly, most games the TITAN won. The TITAN only way by very little FPS though. What is surprising is that in Far cry 3, the 780 BEAT the TITAN, showing that this card isn’t a pushover. But, the 780 only has one win, so

Winner is~TITAN





Winner: 780



     So here it is, the biggest part for those who can’t decide what to get. You guys have seen what the FPS differences were, and what the price difference is. It is obvious that there is no reason to buy a TITAN unless you find one extremely cheap. You are $350 for a 10 FPS difference. The cpu was probably bottlenecking the TITAN, but this also proves that if you wan’t to go with a cheaper cpu the 780 can work with them.

Winner: 780


Next late night tech talk: multiple gpu’s

A breakdown of high end builds.

     I have not told you guys yet but I have a very powerful PC rig. I’m running 3 evga superclocked Titans, a 3970x overclocked to 4.3GZ, 64 gigs of 2133hz ram, 2 terabytes ssd space, and 6 terabytes of hard drive space. If you know anything about PC’s you should know that this rig is EXTREMELY overpowered, but I am using my PC for more than just gaming. But what I want to delve into is how powerful of a PC do you need to play most current gen games at close or exactly max settings?

     I think I should kick it off saying that one of the biggest things you can do to get better frames is turning off anti-aliasing. It is supposed to smooth out the picture but once you hit full HD or HD+ anti- aliasing becomes less needed, and the average gamer won’t be able to detect the difference whether it’s on or off. Also, if you don’t want to blow 10’s of thousands of dollars on a rig like I did, keep you monitor 1080p.   

     Alright, let’s start at the top, my rig. I can run any game 60+ fps at max setting, and will be able to for a while. I would not recommend this rig to anyone who just games, it is extremely overpowered. The only reason my rig is so powerful is because I’m taking some video game design classes and having a powerful rig really helps.

      Let’s take the next step down, dual titans, 3930k and 32 gigs of whatever ram. This of course is still overpowered, but I would recommend it to gamers who have the cash to drop so they can future proof their system. It also is a good youtube setup, for those who wish to edit and render videos.

     I’m going to go down to the 780, *4770/3930k, and 16/32 gigs of ram. While still overpowered, this is a good system for gamers who can’t quite make a titan set-up. Honestly, I would rank the 780 over the titan for the minimal performance difference and the major price difference. Unless you are a pro gamer who needs the extra 10 frames to break into 120hz range, get the 780. Still overpowered, but we are getting closer to the sweet spot.

     Now to the smallest Nvidia high end build I would recommend, a 770, *4770, and 16 gigs of ram. This system will handle the toughest of games fairly well, and if you look for deals this is an extremely affordable build. It will get 60fps in most games, and for those that won’t, get a second 770.

     The only AMD build I would recommend is 7970, *intel 4770, and 16 gigs of ram. I am not an Nvidia fanboy but they have the better prices right now, along with more powerful cards. But, AMD is offering a lot of game deals so, I would recommend this to a gamer who wants to build a rig then save some money for a while.

(You could get cheaper CPU’s if you are tech savy enough to overclock.)