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Late Night Tech: AMD to become better next gen. (Multi gpu main article tomorrow)

     So it is not unknown that AMD has been seriously lagging behind Intel, even with their 5ghz processor. The main problem being that AMD has been more focused on extra cores/ straight ghz clock speed. Intel has more power per core, but AMD just flat out has more cores.  This is a problem because games don’t use more than four cores, mainly because this gen never needed more than 3 cores, but this gen has 8 cores. Also, they run AMD processors, also helping AMD optimization.

     So for those who got that processor that said it has 12 cores because it’s bigger, well consider this your lucky day. While I’m not saying we are going to notice an immediate change, as the consoles life span goes on devs will have to make use of more and more cores. So for those who were just throwing AMD away, think twice. It seems more and more AMD is becoming the choice for future proofing.


AMD 12 core processor 6ghz rumor. Also, AMD 9590 rant.

*Note- The details of this article is based on rumor so take what is said with a grain of salt.*  


After the disastrous launch of AMD’s 9590, it seems like they once again are trying to get to the top of the processor market. With a leak of some cpu-z specs, it seems like AMD will steamrole through the competition. With horrible pun intended, if these facts prove to be true then it seems there will be a power shift in the market. 

     It looks like the core clock is going to kick off at 6ghz, which I hope won’t be a power hog like the 9590. It is supposedly going to have 12 cores. Also, it’s going to be 25nm. But should we be excited for this, or should we just pass it off as another failed processor by AMD.

     A lot of people, especially AMD fanboys, were expecting that the 9590 was going to be the new powerhouse. It was 5ghz stock speed! Intel wasn’t anywhere near this, at least that’s what we thought prior to release. With the first and biggest problem being the price.

     Launching at $800, what were you thing AMD? Also launching in a piece of crap box isn’t the best idea, if someone buys an expensive processor they expect good packaging. They let us down majorly with performance as well, still not touching intel. AMD, what your good at is budget processors, if you want to go high end give us good prices.

Here is the cpu-z picture:


A breakdown of high end builds.

     I have not told you guys yet but I have a very powerful PC rig. I’m running 3 evga superclocked Titans, a 3970x overclocked to 4.3GZ, 64 gigs of 2133hz ram, 2 terabytes ssd space, and 6 terabytes of hard drive space. If you know anything about PC’s you should know that this rig is EXTREMELY overpowered, but I am using my PC for more than just gaming. But what I want to delve into is how powerful of a PC do you need to play most current gen games at close or exactly max settings?

     I think I should kick it off saying that one of the biggest things you can do to get better frames is turning off anti-aliasing. It is supposed to smooth out the picture but once you hit full HD or HD+ anti- aliasing becomes less needed, and the average gamer won’t be able to detect the difference whether it’s on or off. Also, if you don’t want to blow 10’s of thousands of dollars on a rig like I did, keep you monitor 1080p.   

     Alright, let’s start at the top, my rig. I can run any game 60+ fps at max setting, and will be able to for a while. I would not recommend this rig to anyone who just games, it is extremely overpowered. The only reason my rig is so powerful is because I’m taking some video game design classes and having a powerful rig really helps.

      Let’s take the next step down, dual titans, 3930k and 32 gigs of whatever ram. This of course is still overpowered, but I would recommend it to gamers who have the cash to drop so they can future proof their system. It also is a good youtube setup, for those who wish to edit and render videos.

     I’m going to go down to the 780, *4770/3930k, and 16/32 gigs of ram. While still overpowered, this is a good system for gamers who can’t quite make a titan set-up. Honestly, I would rank the 780 over the titan for the minimal performance difference and the major price difference. Unless you are a pro gamer who needs the extra 10 frames to break into 120hz range, get the 780. Still overpowered, but we are getting closer to the sweet spot.

     Now to the smallest Nvidia high end build I would recommend, a 770, *4770, and 16 gigs of ram. This system will handle the toughest of games fairly well, and if you look for deals this is an extremely affordable build. It will get 60fps in most games, and for those that won’t, get a second 770.

     The only AMD build I would recommend is 7970, *intel 4770, and 16 gigs of ram. I am not an Nvidia fanboy but they have the better prices right now, along with more powerful cards. But, AMD is offering a lot of game deals so, I would recommend this to a gamer who wants to build a rig then save some money for a while.

(You could get cheaper CPU’s if you are tech savy enough to overclock.)